The threshold of 2 million passengers crossed again at Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes airport


After two years in sharp decline, passenger traffic again crossed the threshold of 22 million passengers on Thursday, December 2, the result of the recovery observed throughout 2022.

If the pace of the recovery continues, traffic should return to its 2019 level in the course of 2024, thus confirming the forecasts of the airport company and more generally the trend observed at global and national level.nal for air transport.

This symbolic crossing is mainly driven by traffic from mainland France, which, at the end of November, returned to nearly 90% of its 2019 level and increased its weight in overall traffic to 67% (compared to 62% in 2019). In December, the trend on this network was more than 95% of the 2019 level, supported by a seat supply that had returned almost to its nominal level and demand that was still dynamic despite the inflation observed in ticket prices.

The forecast catch-up to the level of traffic in 2019 and the maintenance of high demand would mean that the threshold of 2024 million steps will be exceeded by 2,5.sages, current reception capacity of the Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes airport terminals, implying the need to relaunch, in the short term, the terminal extension project and the investments linked to the increase in capacity of the airport infrastructures.

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