7th edition of the “Spell Me” contest: a breathtaking finale!


"Epelle me" is a spelling bee where the student must correctly spell each word drawn.

This year, eight schools in the French party participated. For transport reasons, the school of St. Barth could not be present.

A total of 154 students Pc until the 6th came to represent their schools for the finals in the ICC. For the first time, the 6th college students were invited to this competition. They are faced with schoolchildren cm2. This final was breathtaking.

This competition was a success thanks to the involvement of students, teachers and parents.

The sponsors are to be congratulated: the Lion's Club, CCISM, Gitem, baby and kids, small wolves, the Yogurt, the barber shop and Harry Hairport Trisport.

• The results  of this 2019 edition:


1er: Lou Diffort (Aline Hanson school)

2e: Eva Torrins-Colmenarez

(Emile Choisy school)

3e: Vanessa Medor

(Aline Hanson school)

4e: Matheo coks

(Hervé Williams school)

5e: Jonathan Frame

(Emile Choisy school)


1er: Clothilde Tchero

(Marie Amélie Leydet)

2e:Jaylany Binns (Clair Saint-Maximin)

3e:Twenisha Moise (Emile Choisy)

4e: Jeremy Rodgers

(Marie Antoinette Richards)

5e: Michael Fleming

(Marie Antoinette Richards)


1er:Shee Raelle David (Emile Choisy)

2e:Zelie Delrez

(Marie Antoinette Richards)

3e:Ernest Andy Pinthieire (Aline Hanson)

4e: Clarence lannier

(Marie Antoinette Richards)

5e: Filip Noreskal

(Marie-Amelie Leydet)


1er: Kijani mussington

(Marie-Amelie Leydet)

2e: Lou Anna APATOUT

(Clear Saint-Maximin)

3e: Leccy Rose (Marie-Amélie Leydet)

4e: Alain Guerra Marchena

(Marie-Amelie Leydet)

5e: Angelo Fleming

(Marie-Amelie Leydet)

Cm2 / 6th:

1er:Amandine Flanders

(Mont des Accords College)

2e:Jayden Planer

(Mont des Accords College)

3e: Nila cramer

(Mont des Accords college)

4e: Wizland Phateron

(Clear Saint-Maximin)

5e: Leanna Saint-Jean

(Mont des Accords College)

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