Domestic violence: there is (still) a lack of accommodation facilities (end)


There is a shelter for women victims of violence, Le Manteau, but it is full.

The solidarity association offers day and night accommodation for battered women and children. It welcomes women who cannot stay at home, while they rebuild themselves and get alternative housing. An alternative solution, lodging at the Manteau can become a lasting solution. "As long as the women cannot find accommodation, they stay at the Manteau", explains Audrey Gil, the director of the association. And if they cannot find housing, it is because they do not have the financial means. So they don't leave.

The twelve places of the Mantle are permanently occupied. But the needs are much greater. Today the association is not able to welcome new victims even if they are in a situation of extreme urgency.

The authorities are aware of the situation. Several years ago, the prefecture had financially supported a project to build a shelter for battered women, but for various reasons the project was unsuccessful. As for the community, it gives its support to the Manteau by providing the premises, premises that it would like to recover as part of another tourism project.

"The ideal would be to open a guesthouse with a capacity of around twenty places," says Audrey Gil. Each victim would have their own room and share living spaces with others.

The subject was supposed to be broached within the framework of the Social Policy and Integration Conference, but could not be.


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