Local Life: A quick tour of the Marigot market!


Fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, local products, artistic creations, clothes and souvenirs, there is no shortage of goods on the Sea Front!

This colorful market, like the island, allows you to discover artists from the island, buy fresh fish (Wednesday and Saturday), fresh meat (Saturday), fill his basket of local products, drink a delicious coconut juice, and even chew a stick of sugar cane!

Even if the attendance is not as dense as before Irma and the crowds of fruits and vegetables are not as numerous as formerly, the ambient feeling is positive, the business resumes little by little; the merchants are on the whole rather satisfied, as the artist Tizou confirms: “it doesn't work too badly”; however, an aesthetic improvement of the place, a greater regularity of visitors and a more assiduous promotion of the market are still expected.

This year the market is rather frequented by American tourists and cruise passengers who arrive by bus from the port of Philipsburg to discover this place on the French part of the island for perhaps, buy rum, a watercolor of Saint Martin or just sit at the table of one of the establishments bordering the market and taste a traditional West Indian dish!_MD


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