LOCAL LIFE: Laying of the first stone of the Multiactivities room and "neighborhood walks" in Quartier d'Orléans this Wednesday, March 1


Following the rehabilitation of residences heavily affected by cyclone IRMA, SEMSAMAR has decided to continue its commitment to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of its residences in Quartier d'Orléans.

Two major projects will be launched in the coming weeks: the construction of a Multi-Activity Room offering more activities and strengthening associative life, as well as the work of the "Neighbourhood Walks" aimed at improving the quality of public spaces and securing around residences.

The Multiactivity Room will be located in the heart of the Les Palmeraies residence and will include a multisports room and a digital space. Intended primarily for young people in SEMSAMAR residences, it will have parking, changing rooms and showers. The Neighborhood Walks concern the residences Les Hirondelles, Les Palmeraies and Les Salines.

This project aims to improve the "good life" of the inhabitants by requalifying public spaces, by proposing pedestrian paths, by creating parking spaces, by installing ping-pong tables, and by adding planted spaces and endemic plants. . Directional signs will also be created at the entrance to the residences. Work on the Salle Multisports and Promenades de Quartier will begin in March 2023 and end in November 2023.

The total investment amount is €2,58 million, 63% of which is financed by the ERDF.

The laying of the first stone of the Multiactivities room and "neighborhood walks" in Quartier d'Orléans will take place this Wednesday, March 1 at 29 a.m. in the presence of Vincent Berton, Delegate Prefect of the Northern Islands, Louis Mussington, President of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, and Alain Richardson, Chairman and CEO of Semsamar.

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