LOCAL LIFE: Great success for the Aqualympic at Galion


This Friday, May 5, 54 children from Quartier d'Orléans tasted the joys of competition during the Aqualympic by Kevin Edwards, trainee in training for the Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sport, Aquatic Activities and Swimming.

Last of the nine future lifeguards to present in the calendar his aquatic animation project in order to validate the first two capitalizable units of the BPJEPS AAN training set up by the Collectivity and the CREPS Antilles Guyane With the support of the Tous à l'Ô association, Kevin welcomed 54 children from three CM2 classes at the Saint Maximin school in Quartier d'Orléans. The event took place at the beach of Galion in the morning, reserving to the young competitors nice moments of sharing and group cohesion. Divided into six teams, the children competed in four activities from 9 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Among the games proposed by Kevin, assisted by some of his fellow trainees, the legendary sack race revisited. In order to make Saint-Martin youth aware of the problem of waste on the beach, this race entitled “always my trash bag with me” was sporty, fun and educational. From now on, the little participants will remember the importance of picking up litter and leaving the spaces clean. The treasure hunt particularly excited the young teams. By picking up a huge object from the water and placing it in the group's basket, the children perfected their work of immersion and movement in the water. The towing relay activity also developed an awareness component: first aid.

Starting from the sand, each child rushed to the first buoy at sea to retrieve a dummy under the supervision of a lifeguard (BNNSA) and drop it off at the second buoy so that one of his teammates could take over. If this event may have awakened vocations of future lifeguards in the new generation of Saint-Martin, all the participants greatly appreciated Kevin's Aqualympic, keeping memorable memories of this singular event. After the competition, the 54 children of Quartier d'Orléans returned to their school, happy. Kevin's animation therefore marks the end of the activities offered by the BPJEPS AAN trainees: Léa, Abiola, Esteban, Célya, Anthony, Charlotte, Yann and Karen. Another huge congratulations to them for their creativity and above all good luck for the rest of their training. _VX

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