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Born on August 29, 1963, Alex Emmanuel Richardson played baseball with many friends in Sint Maarten before moving to Holland and joining the Haarlem Nichols team in 1983, the best at the time. Here is his story. 

I graduated from Milton Peters College in June 1981 and moved to Miami in February 1982 to attend Miami Dade Community College. Since Milton Peters College was not recognized as a high school, I returned to the Florida State Department of Education and graduated on May 3, 1982. I joined the Miami Dade Community College during 6 week summer school and I finished all my courses in 15 days. On December 19, 82, my father asked me to come back to SXM to prepare for school in Holland, at my uncle's in Haarlem. I left on my twentieth birthday, August 29, 1983. I believe my father bought the cheapest ticket possible. My flight took me to Aruba, Curacao, Venezuela, Switzerland and Amsterdam. The evening of departure, I was on the road with my father who gave me $400, a present that Aunt Doncher had given me for my birthday. But before going any further in my story, let me tell you about the children of Cay Hill. The Cay Hill boys I grew up with are the best and most down to earth, each one of them special in their own way. The older ones first, the Wise Men, like Henry and his brother Reino. Then the "Guardians" with Boy Rombley, Kenneth James, Tony Gibbs, David Arrindell, L. Bute Bob, Mickey Huggins and brothers. And finally, the "bad boys", Joel, Ernie, Halley and brothers, who always watched over us. Clemmy Gibbs was my best friend and that never changed. I played baseball for the SXM 12 and 13 draft in Aruba and San Juan. In 1976 Aruba opened the tournament in San Juan and SXM was chosen to play the opening game. We won 8-3. Ernie Rombley was the leading pitcher with Glen Patterson. I hit a home run that year. 

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