A PCR test could also be requested from Guadeloupe to come to Saint-Martin


For several weeks, Saint-Martinois who have to go to Guadeloupe must present the negative results of a PCR test. On the other hand, Guadeloupeans who come to Saint-Martin are not forced to do so, as are the Saint-Barths to go to Pointe-à-Pitre. The health measure was considered discriminatory by some Saint-Martin residents.

The reason for this prefectural decision was asked to the director general of the regional health agency (ARS) during a press conference Friday afternoon in the prefecture.

"Quite simply because the island of Saint-Martin is very open to the outside", explained Valérie Denux. Unlike the other islands which are closed, the island has been welcoming tourists since Juliana Airport reopened to international flights in July. The director of the ARS also declared that it is possible that "the reciprocity of the tests is put in place", that is to say that it is also asked the Guadeloupe to make a PCR test. Travelers from Saint-Barth may also have to submit to this measure, which is being studied.

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