A road safety forum to change behavior


Like the Quartier d'Orléans college on Tuesday, Mont des Accords hosted the road safety forum on Thursday May 16. Part of the courtyard and several rooms were made available to the organizers so that pupils in the 5th and two second classes of the LPO, then the 3rd, could attend the eight different workshops. 

This forum was organized by the COM and the State in partnership with the gendarmerie, the territorial police, the fire brigade, the Red Cross and driving schools. The students particularly appreciated the workshop led by an educator from the Ministry of Justice which consisted of a two-wheeler driving simulator. But the other workshops also captured their attention. In the courtyard, a road safety course. By bike, the pupils had to make a circuit while respecting the signs. "In addition to reminding them of the highway code and signage, we insist on protective equipment (helmet, etc.), as well as on regulations (license, insurance, vehicle registration document)" explains Chief Warrant Officer Seradin acting commander of the Saint-Martin motorcycle brigade unit.

He also led another workshop to show students the different alcohol and narcotics tests. Cyprien Cambournac, handicapped following a motorcycle accident fifteen years earlier, gave his testimony to the pupils in order to explain the permanent pain but also the difficulties engendered in his private, professional and family life. Another workshop consisted of simulating the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving by wearing 3D glasses. The firefighters carried out demonstrations including one this afternoon in front of the establishment and open to the public, to show how the handling of a road accident took place. The driving schools have broadcast road safety prevention spots and the Red Cross has reminded people of first aid. 

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