Three public accountants owe € 1,8m to the COM


Three public accountants of the Collectivity having exercised respectively in 2003, in 2005 and 2006 and from 2007 to 2009, were declared debtors towards the COM by the territorial room of the accounts of Saint-Martin (CTC) of the sum of 1 833 363 euros (777 857 + 814 077 + 214 428). The financial prosecutor estimated that "the public accountants would have failed with the obligations which incumbent to them as regards diligences in order to recover the titles of receipts which they had assumed" and that these are facts "likely to take personal responsibility

The territorial chamber of accounts had rendered its judgment in June 2013. The three accountants had then requested free discounts from the Collectivity. The regional directorate of public finances of Guadeloupe (DRFIP) had then communicated it in December 2015 to the COM which was to submit these requests to the territorial council. Having no response in April 2017 from the Community, the DRFIP again asked her to know whether or not she granted these free discounts. These requests were finally examined by the Executive Council last May and the latter issued an unfavorable opinion. (Illustrative photo. More details on

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