Works: Redevelopment of the crossroads rue de Hollande / Howell Center / Hameau du Pont


The widening of the roadway in order to obtain three traffic lanes near the entrance to the Howell Center shopping area and to ease traffic at this location began on February 25.

A period of six months of work is planned during which the traffic, of course, will be impacted, but the services of the Collectivity are doing everything to make this period the least penalizing possible for all. And the solution consisting in blocking a direction of the street is less disturbing than to set up an alternate circulation. As such, therefore, from March 1 to April 12, then from April 15 to June 14, traffic is only on one lane, from the commercial area, to the roundabout. Approval. Road users wishing to reach the city center from the Agrément roundabout should use Boulevard Hubert Petit, better known as Route de Galisbay. Pavement asphalt repair work should be done during the nights.

The completion of this work is scheduled for the start of the September school year.

As a reminder, the entrance and exit of the Howell Center shopping area is heavily used and the crossroads in the state, had become unsuitable, even dangerous for road users. The works consist in widening the road to obtain three lanes, one of which “turns left” in the direction of Approval / Marigot so that vehicles are positioned towards the entrance to the area without blocking the traffic arriving behind. And for vehicles arriving in the opposite direction, from the city center wishing to enter the commercial area, there is a clearance lane on the right. The objective here is to make the rue de Hollande as fluid as possible. The redevelopment of this intersection also requires the reorganization of the bus stop as well as the elimination of parking spaces located there.

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