Tourism: Joint work between the two Tourist Offices of SXM and St. Maarten for stronger actions


The marketing teams of the Saint-Martin Tourist Office and the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau met on January 26 for a consultation session on various topics relating to the promotion of our destination.

Two territories, but a single tourist destination: the French side and the Dutch side work regularly on the common challenge of promoting Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten and targeting new markets. Every month, the teams of the two tourist offices consult each other on many topics, in order to carry out a coherent and effective action.

On January 26, the meeting brought together directors Aïda Weinum (Saint-Martin Tourist Office) and May Ling Chun (St Maarten Tourist Bureau); North American Market Managers Suzanne Scantlebery (OT) and Marla Chemont (STB); local market managers Nathalie Pinthière-Brooks (OT), Neilleda Désir (STB), Claudia Vinga (STB), Cherinah Franken (STB); South American market manager William Bell (STB); communications officer Sacha Bresse (OT); Executive Assistant Rosette Pantophlet (STB).


Share a common vision

During their monthly meetings, the marketing teams of the two tourist offices highlight the operations with strong benefits, the challenges that remain to be met and take stock of the actions carried out jointly. This January 26, the working session was an opportunity to raise the issues encountered on both sides of the island, including the management of photo and video content on digital platforms, essential for the promotion of the destination.

Employees were able to discuss their practices to optimize updates and publications. The STB informed that it had launched a call for applications from videographers and photographers in order to rotate on both sides of the island, between the different subjects (gastronomy, landscapes, etc.).


Share actions

The meeting also allowed an exchange concerning the annual calendar of marketing actions on the North American, Latin American, regional, European markets, niche markets as well as the local market. The two tourist offices regularly carry out joint actions such as campaigns for tour operators such as Expedia, canvassing with travel agencies or participation in trade fairs.

The organization of a Pop Up Store at the Rond-Point shopping center in Martinique (March 17 and 18, 2022) and at the Destreland shopping center in Guadeloupe (March 29 to April 2, 2022) is also representative of these French Side / Dutch collaborations Side. The two tourist offices surfed on the concept of a pop-up shop for a punchy promotion on this regional market: a lively stand, dancers, hoteliers, event promoters, thus offered a fine example of cooperation.

"Discussing at the start of the year is a real opportunity to continue to pool our financial and human efforts," says the director of the Saint-Martin Tourist Office, Aïda Weinum. “We have informed our counterparts that our 2023 promotional campaign will focus on the pillar theme of the events, reminding them of the 9 key events on the French side on which we rely to deploy our communication strategy”.

"Starting the year quickly with a vision involving our French counterpart on the basis of the actions on which we are able to collaborate, will strengthen our cooperation and give us the opportunity to execute actions with greater impact", says May -Ling Chun Director of the Sint Maarten Tourist Bureau.

Information, consultation, collaboration: for the tourist offices of Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten, the promotion of the destination remains a co-construction.

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