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As announced in our edition yesterday, the first edition of the CCISM E-Weekend was a resounding success. A look back at Friday evening dedicated to round tables and the productive day last Saturday.

The two round tables on Friday filled the Opale room of the CCISM. More than 80 participants gathered to witness the experts sharing their knowledge and experiences. The first round table with the theme "How to succeed in the digital transition of my company?" ". Masterfully animated by Karen-Kelly Javois, it counted as speakers Eve Riboud, general manager of Dauphin Telecom, Jean TH. Arnell, manager Computech, Harry Lapomarede, manager Digitech Solutions and Gilles Gumbs, president SAS Tintamarre, and Chief Warrant Officer Georges, head of the IT department at the Saint-Martin gendarmerie. In popular technical jargon, the representatives of these specialized organizations in terms of technology underlined the importance of the digital transition and the strong potential of Saint-Martin in the field. Aware of the cultural specificities of an island territory like ours, the experts advocate an adaptation of the digital approach. For Eve Riboud, customization of tools must correspond to the needs of Saint-Martin businesses. Digital transformation should hardly take place to the detriment of social ties, 15% of customers favor proximity. The two approaches, even opposite, can be combined to avoid the generational divide. Giving a lot of keys and tools to facilitate the digital transition, the experts then summarized it in a few words: vigilance, involvement, digitalization, will and performance analysis. The second round table "Should marketing be only digital?" » delighted the assembly thanks to the interventions of Joy Carti, marketing consultant Lady Pocadots, Yann Lecam, manager ICI Paris-AEC, Leïla Fazer, manager Cloud Com97 and Loic Lagoutte, manager Nozin Prod. A cocktail, stimulating meetings, continued at the end of this second day of the E-Weekend.

The children took full advantage of Saturday to try their hand at making a digital comic strip and a video report, workshops brilliantly led by Cobraced. Several workshops on social networks and the use of digital tools were also offered to adults, who registered in large numbers. For Julien Bataille, director of the CCISM, "it's an ambitious project that we carried out with the E-Weekend but necessary". The first edition has indeed, unsurprisingly, met its audience. _Vx

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