SXM FESTIVAL /// Day 3: recap


Halfway through the 5 days and nights of the SXM Festival, there was no letting up on the part of festival-goers or artists. The program was however not the least. 

With a line-up still concentrated at Bôho Beach with La Virgin or Bushman, Friday March 11 was definitely an unforgettable day for the 300 guests attending the Panorama Party organized at the top of Mount Sentry Hill at the Rainforest Adventures in the Dutch part, with a breathtaking view of the island of Saint Martin. The lucky ones let themselves be carried away by the rhythms of the artists who followed one another behind the turntables. The most awaited were obviously Audiofly who, during their two hours of musical set, transmitted their passion for electro without half measures. 

The latest to have succeeded in the mad gamble of making the crowd dance at the top of this eco-park that preserves native ecosystems while ensuring the sustainability of the physical and intangible attributes of the estate is none other than the faithful Blond:ish, in collaboration with the Cercle in November 2021, still as part of the SXM Festival, then in pre-production. After this day at height, the crowd descended to the Happy Bay site. Tony y Not rekindled the fire of the Arc Stage with a set mixing so many musical trends that it would be impossible to name them all. In any case, it gave pride of place to the typical sounds of the 80s, to the delight of this generation. The rain was somewhat invited during the show, it will have had the gift of refreshing the sweaty crowd without scaring them away. Chloé Caillet took over from 23 p.m., a time slot sometimes considered critical, with a dexterity behind the mixing tables that leaves you dreaming. The multi-instrumentalist has music as the engine of life and the thousands of festival-goers dancing in front of her have understood this well. The female artists programmed throughout this festival have nothing to envy to the men and they have all proved it again. The German Konstantin Sibold has taken up the torch without failing in his reputation as a unifier. The crowd gave it their all during their performance on the arched stage whose light show was worthy of fireworks. The night ended in gusts of wind, carrying the electro sounds towards the ocean._VX

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