SPORT & NAUTISM: The Club Nautique de Saint-Martin will soon open a wave pool in Sandy-Ground


During a press conference organized last Wednesday at the "Ma Ti Beach" restaurant, the Club Nautique de Saint-Martin (CNSM) presented its projects for the year 2022-2023, with the construction of a swimming pool in waves and a sports complex in Sandy-Ground.

The project has been maturing within the Club Nautique for two years now. Bülent Gülay, president of the CNSM, wants to allow all the children of the territory to learn to swim. Given the lack of structure in the area, the creation of an aquatic basin was at the top of the list of the Nautical Club. The project, led by the CNSM and supported by the Regional Academic Delegation for Youth, Engagement and Sports (DRAJES), the Prefecture and the Community, will therefore reduce this figure by 80% of children of childbearing age. educated and unable to swim. Marc Fabre (DRAJES) very quickly teamed up with the president of the Club Nautique in the search for land that could accommodate such a structure. 

Yann Lecam, president of the Conseil Syndical de la Résidence Anse des Sables, also joined the project, which made it possible to find a plot of 1200m2, currently abandoned because it cannot be built on and close to the sea, near the Anse des Sables residence in Sandy Ground, a district classified as a priority by the City's Policy. 

The owner of the land will make it available free of charge for twelve years. Given the particular context of the site, the project leaders have chosen a nautical structure that is removable and mobile. This is a great first in the territory of Saint-Martin. Around the pool will be water collection tanks, ninety in number. In the event of an approaching cyclone, these can therefore be removed, as well as the structure, which will be dismantled in two days. Also surrounded by a wooden deck, the water basin will be 20 meters wide and 60 meters long, with a variable depth varying from one meter 10 to 60 centimeters for nautical activities such as kayaking or paddle. 

The pool will be filled with sea water. The peculiarity of such a structure is that it will have a system that creates waves in the pool, which will delight lovers of surfing. The construction of a reception, a cloakroom and toilets is also part of the project. A playground and a beach restaurant are being considered. The initial project, the investment cost of which is €580.000 (including European public funds), will go to the committee of the National Sports Agency (ANS) at the end of the year. If the green light is given, the swimming pool will be built and accessible in May 2023. Four permanent jobs will be created, including two civic services. The swimming pool will be open in priority to schools. 

As the CNSM is affiliated to the French Swimming Federation, the rates may be adapted for the general public thereafter. _Vx

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