Waste management: What is the new Verde SXM project (continuation and end)


The Verde SXM company is working on a new project, PI, to manage waste that cannot be sorted and to avoid burying it as is the case today.

It is an “innovative three-step process”.

The first stage on the hygienization, the homogenization and the transformation of the waste into fuel. Thanks to a mechanical process increasing their temperature up to 150°C, the waste is sterilized and transformed into dry and homogeneous material, ie CSR. Then, the second stage consists of the decomposition (“smoldering”) of the CSRs, the inerting of the solid residues and the formation of the syngas. The CSRs are gasified at low temperature (approximately 350°C) which makes it possible to avoid the production of pollutants (in particular dioxins and furans) and to produce Syngas, a synthesis gas. The ashes, completely inert, will be recovered at the end of the process. 

The final step is energy recovery and metal recovery: the Syngas is burned at 900°C for at least two seconds to eliminate any polluting residue and produce renewable energy (electricity and heat). The recoverable metals will then be extracted from the ashes.

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