SOCIETY: Saint-Martin mobilizes against pension reform


Following the call launched by the national inter-union, a rally was organized on January 19 in front of the prefecture of Saint-Martin in Concordia against the pension reform.

At the origin of the movement, the UNSA Saint Martin (National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions) and the FSU (Unitary Trade Union Federation), both wanted to show that the mobilization against the pension reform project is also taking hold in Saint-Martin. About sixty people therefore gathered in front of the offices of the prefecture to make their voices heard. In early January of this new year, the Élisabeth Borne government launched a new pension reform process in France, including a bill to be tabled in February. This new reform is mainly based on postponing the legal retirement age and increasing the number of quarters contributed to reach a full pension, unlike the 2020 project which was suspended due to the health crisis. related to covid-19. In summary, the main provisions of the pension reform project carried out by Élisabeth Borne focus on these eight points: raising the legal retirement age from 62 to 64, extending the duration of contribution at age 43, the creation of a minimum pension raised to 85% of the minimum wage (€1.200 gross/month) for a full career, the end of special schemes (including those of Parisian public transport or the energy industries), a new device on long careers (no need to work more than forty-four years, this includes periods of parental leave), better consideration of hardship (such as carrying heavy loads or painful postures subject to an examination medical for early departure at age 62), the creation of an index of seniors with penalties in the event of non-compliance and the age for cancellation of the discount, which remains at 67. In their call for mobilization, the inter-union declared: “This reform is unacceptable and goes against the interests of the population. She is not mistaken, since even before being in the street, more than 600.000 people have already signed the inter-union petition”. No less than two million people took to the streets of mainland France to show their dissatisfaction with this reform. In Saint-Martin, the organizers of the event formed a delegation of five people: Laurent Bailly (FSU), Gilbert Rousseau (private UNSA), Patrick Toma (territorial UNSA) Sandrine Malherbe and Jérémie Huot (UNSA), a delegation which was received at 10 a.m. this Thursday, January 19 by Julien Marie, the prefect's chief of staff, who listened to them. This Monday, January 23, the government adopted the pension reform in the Council of Ministers, displaying its “determination” to go all the way without “giving up” on postponing the legal retirement age. The national inter-union calls for a new day of strikes and interprofessional demonstrations this January 31. _Vx

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