CULTURE - ENVIRONMENT: Greg Lecoeur amazes children during a seminar


Following the exhibition of his most beautiful photographs organized in the pavilion of the La Samanna hotel of the Belmond group, Greg Lecoeur led a seminar for children and teenagers. The young audience was charmed by the talent and anecdotes of the professional photographer.

The conference room was full during the event on January 17th. About thirty children from the waterfront school and six students from the Lycée Général et Technologique Robert Weinum attended the seminar given by this nature enthusiast.

While the video presentations made by Greg Lecoeur during his many expeditions delighted the assembly, it was above all the question-and-answer game that delighted the children, who were very curious and interested in the life and experience of the photographer.

With a simple and powerful vocabulary, Greg Lecoeur told his story, like his first camera to immortalize the group of pilot whales that had gathered around his six-meter boat that he had let drift off the coast of Nice. His passion for photography and underwater wildlife came to life that day.

A great lover of fauna and flora and a powerful defender of the environment, Greg Lecoeur raised awareness among the public, also made up of eighteen adults, on the issue of the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.

Reporting on the stories of his expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic to gather evidence of global warming linked to human activities, the photographer became fully aware of the impacts of this environmental scourge which he shared in an educational way with children.

Protecting the oceans also involves changing our mode of consumption: “most plastic ends up in the sea, especially balloons, animals eat it and die. Stopping using plastic or favoring reusable plastic is the first step.”

The children raised several issues such as overfishing, Greg Lecoeur invites to consume local "you have to know the origin of the fish and how it was caught, favoring short cycles for consumption". The oceans represent 70% of the surface of the earth, 50% of the oxygen in the air that we breathe (by photosynthesis thanks to algae on the surface which also absorb 30% of carbon dioxide and regulate the climate by more than 80% of the earth).

The children then played at guessing the species photographed by Greg Lecoeur with real enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of underwater fauna. The seminar ended with the photographer's wise words: “Listen to your passions, live your dreams without forgetting that it is important to take care of our planet.

When I see an animal at sea, I touch with my eyes, never with my hand, it's like someone touching you in the street while you're walking. »

Greg Lecoeur took advantage of his visit to the territory to go diving in the waters of Saint-Martin to discover its underwater wealth._Vx

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