Crisis situation: how the authorities organize themselves


• Role of the prefecture

During a cyclone, the prefect of Saint-Martin takes the lead in rescue operations. She heads the Orsec (Civil Security Response Organization) plan. The mission of the prefecture is to ensure the coordination of all the emergency services.

The prefect chairs the operational center, which brings together all of the civil security actors, the police, the gendarmerie, the relevant state departments and a representative of the community. The latter is responsible for making the link with the Collectivity which also has its crisis PC.

• Role of the Collectivity

The competences of the COM are to ensure the protection of the population. As soon as the warning is given by the prefecture, the president of the COM will activate the specific provisions of the Territorial Safeguard Plan and the Command Post (PC) of the Collectivity.

The COM must alert the population of the dangers of the situation and encourage them to adopt an adequate behavior to put themselves in safety by applying the instructions given via press releases and available on the Community website in its section dedicated to major risks. . (More details on

• Reinforcements are arriving today 

The prefecture services have been working for three days on the consequences of the passage of Irma on the northern islands. A meeting was to take place again late Sunday morning to take stock with the authorities of the area and Paris.

Reinforcements have already been requested. About sixty people are due to arrive this Monday from Metropolitan France and the firefighters from Guadeloupe on Tuesday.


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