Road safety: Awareness of driving two-wheeled scooter 50 cm³


On Thursday July 19, young people over the age of 14 participated in a 50 cm³ two-wheel driving training course in the Galisbay car park.

Proposed by the judicial protection of youth and supervised by the motorized brigade of the Savannah gendarmerie, this half-day offered these young people the opportunity to better understand the essential gestures of driving in a semi-urban environment and to have a reminder of the rules of the road.

In fact, young people were reminded during practical and theoretical exercises:

- The importance of being well protected (correct wearing of a helmet, gloves even when it is hot to avoid burns in the event of a fall);

- The obligation to have insurance;

- The dangers of risky driving such as sneaking between cars, not respecting priority rules, not signaling changes of direction, not respecting speed limits, etc.

- The rules to be followed in the event of the transport of a third person;

- The prohibition of the “de-clamping” of two-wheel motors and the dangers that this can represent;

The gendarmerie and the judicial youth protection service remain mobilized in preventive actions to improve security for all (Source Gendarmerie).

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