Automobile: Volkswagen's new pick up finally at Caribbean auto!


The Saveiro is now available in Saint Martin, at Caribbean auto. For those who already know the range and Volkswagen, needless to explain, you are surely already won over. For the others, be careful, to try it is to adopt it!

As usual, Volkswagen is primarily German automotive engineering. We all know it, we are talking about robustness and precision. On the performance side, the Volkswagen Saveiro's equipment is state-of-the-art thanks to its 1.6L MSI engine and 110 horsepower under the hood. In addition to that, it has been designed to guarantee you minimum consumption whatever the terrain and driving conditions. And then, the design, let's talk about it. Even if for some, this is not the most important, the new Saveiro deserves that we stop for a moment on its plastic. A completely new line, a larger grille and alloy rims which give it the sophisticated “touch”. Inside we can note the improvement of the controls which are now more ergonomic and impeccable finishes. With this model, the manufacturer has sought to optimize your driving experience. "The Saveiro is designed to give you driving comfort and better functionality", it is the perfect combination of robustness, comfort and power. And now, the aspect that annoys… Well, even its price makes us smile since you can afford it starting at $ 15. An unbeatable value for money !

For more information regarding options, price, etc. Meeting at Caribbean auto on Union road in Cole Bay / +1 (721) 544-5211



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