Saint-Martin is not immune to the housing crisis


the 1er vice-president of the Collectivity, Alain Richardson and the 2nd vice-president, Bernadette Davis in charge respectively of Economic Development and the Living Environment, went to Paris at the start of the week as part of the annual conference of the Social Union for Overseas Habitat (USHOM) organized at the Luxembourg Palace (Senate). The Secretary of State for Overseas Territories, Jean-Francois Carenco was also present.

The conclusion is unequivocal: Saint-Martin is not immune to the housing crisis in Overseas France and the inflation that is taking hold. 

Faced with this worrying reality, the Senator, Annick Petrus, intervened to take stock of the situation of Saint-Martin housing and the specific vulnerabilities in our territory. 

Since 2012, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin has been competent in terms of housing and habitat and must still fully activate the levers inherent in this competence. 

To achieve this, the new term of office is currently working on the implementation of a real housing policy, sustainable and adapted to the Saint-Martin context. 

Last June, the 1er vice-president, Alain Richardson had already intervened on this theme when the USHOM came to Saint-Martin, recalling that "housing was at the heart of the territory's social issues and that the question of social housing had to be taken in hand as soon as possible. Partnership work has therefore been initiated with our social partners ANAH, ANRU and Action Logement”. 

The same goes for the senator from Saint-Martin for whom "support from the State on these priority and sensitive issues is necessary in order to provide our fellow citizens with decent housing solutions, adapted to local needs and taking into account the increasing cost of living for households”. _AF

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