Saint Martin will not sparkle in the colors of Christmas: To the chagrin of traders, tourists and ... CHILDREN!


We haven't all believed in these last days but today, we have to face the facts. Saint-Martin is looking pale this year for the holiday season. Nonexistent illuminations, sad streets ... Critics towards the Collectivity are unanimous.

But where is the magic of Christmas ? Not in Saint-Martin anyway! More than two years after the passage of the "Irma" monster,  the "Friendly Island" is once again diving into BLACK (note: except in 2018) less than two weeks before Santa's visit!

Whose fault is it ? Part of the answer: “The Community will not be able to install light decorations in the streets this year. Indeed, the lights installed in 2018 came from old stocks that the technical services had managed to repair for a season. These same stocks being damaged, it is not possible to install them this year for security reasons. The Collectivity will have to pass a public market to renew these light decorations next year. The cost being particularly high, it was not possible to make this expense from the 2019 budget. ”

Of which act!

In short, whether we like it or not, a negative impact on the attractiveness of the French side, in this very important period for local trade, will be sorely felt. " AS USUAL " ! _AF


Caption © photo: Gloomy atmosphere in downtown Marigot as the end of year celebrations approach!

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  1. Alain schmitt December 10, 2019 at 08:10 am Reply

    And why refuse to spend the 11,5 million euros of investment to be spent before the end of 2019.
    A few purchase orders from the various Christmas decoration vendors on the island would keep the business going and light up this island.

  2. Mowed Jean-Louis December 12, 2019 at 12:58 am Reply

    We could at least with the few illuminations in good condition at least decorate the rue de la République, rue du Général de Gaule and avenue Kennedy.

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