Justice: The reconstruction of the former Mati Beach recognized as illegal!


Co-manager of the SCI which took over the operation of the former Mati Beach *, a restaurant located on the beach of Nettle Bay, BA was convicted by the courts for having rebuilt the establishment without authorization and in violation of the rules of town planning.

The site had been the subject of a control in August 2018 by the town planning services, it had turned out that an extension of the restaurant had been made without authorization and that no building permit had been deposited with the relevant COM services.

A second check was carried out in March 2019 by the authorities, who noted the continuation of the work, the employment of a foreigner without a work permit and the use of concealed work.

Pursued in court, he agreed to appear in court to plead guilty on November 25, ** (CRPC or appearance on prior conviction).

Justice ordered the restoration of the premises within eighteen months and a penalty payment of 250 euros per day of delay until full execution of the decision, was ordered.

According to the rules of the local urban plan, the restaurant cannot be rebuilt within eighteen meters from the shore. To maintain the establishment where it is (even respecting the 18 m of the shore), an exemption must also be requested in view of the constraints linked to the red zone of the PPRN which prohibits any construction within 50 meters of the shore.

This decision concerning the restaurant is part of a broader condemnation of BA, also including breaches of the POS and the labor code on the construction of the surrounding wall, pontoon and concrete promenade of the hotel that it manages.

For all of the offenses on the two sites, a tort fine of 5 euros suspended was imposed as well as the confiscation of part of the money seized (000 euros from the 10 euros seized).

* The business belonged to Laurent Maubert, who still owns the Ma Ti Beach appellation.

** The second co-manager of SCI is also being prosecuted. Summoned also on November 25, he was unable to attend the hearing and asked for a dismissal next February.

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