RUGBY: Great performance of the Archigirls in Guadeloupe


The Archigirls made their last trip of the season, on the occasion of the Trophy, Monique Ribeaut organized in Gosier, in Guadeloupe.  

Four teams were involved in this last tournament of the season: The Good-Luck, the Bruc, the François de Martinique and the Archigirls de Saint-Martin.

"I am proud of the performance of the girls," said the coach, Laurent. “On two occasions, we have been level playing field with very solid teams. We bow slightly towards François (15-14) and before Bruc (15-12).

We are now able to compete with the best teams in Guadeloupe or elsewhere! "

The tournament organizers also awarded a “favorite” medal to three Archigirl players, not to mention Maryline Bruno, elected best test scorer with three achievements.

Now meet next season with new challenges for the Archigirls! _AF


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