Inter-school “spell me” contest Noa Francius' victory!


Yesterday was held the first final of the inter-school spell-me contest at the Sandy-Ground cultural center with CP classes.

After more than 1 hours to spell increasingly difficult words, it was finally Noa FRANCIUS of the Rambaud school who won. The level of CP was very high, it was necessary to use words not learned to be able to decide between the 30 students still in the running on the 10 CP present at the start of the competition.



1erNoa FRANCIUS of the Rambaud school

2rdGersline SIMON from Aline Hanson school

3rdSarafina Wilson from Aline Hanson school

4rdDenicha ROBIN from Aline Hanson school

5rdViolet BOURDIN from Emile Larmonie school

6rd : Charles EFFANTIN SAYS TOUSSAINT from Emile Larmonie school

7rdWeghan PLUMASSEAU of the Rambaud school

8rdRaheem DUMAS from Aline Hanson school

9rdGabin ROBILLARD from Emile Larmonie school

10rdamantine PIERRE from Aline Hanson school


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