Renovation: The Sandy Ground bridge is at the end of its life…


The Collectivity has committed the sum of 5,5 million euros for the renovation of the Fort Louis marina and the immediate surroundings. An achievement which is part of a global approach in favor of yachting in Saint-Martin.

A global approach which includes the studies in progress carried out by the Board of Directors of the Port of Galisbay, on the development of the bay of Marigot, but also of Grand-Case. As well as the first phase of the development of the Marigot seafront, scheduled for 2020, which consists of renovating the promenade located in front of the cemetery and the rehabilitation of the Sandy Ground bridge for a total amount of 1,6 million. This bridge was installed in the early 1990s and “we can consider that it is at the end of its life. It has been patched up many times and requires a complete renovation to ensure smoother traffic and perfect user safety, ”assures President Daniel Gibbs. The first phase of the work is underway and the second part will be completed in April 2020 and all customary measures have been taken to ensure that there are the fewest traffic problems. "The work will be done and allow the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians, but at some point, everything will have to stop to change a number of things," says Daniel Gibbs. There will be passage that can be done on foot, "but in any case the lifting of the bridge will no longer be done, and vehicles will no longer pass. We organized ourselves so that the deadlines were as short as possible, we saw with companies, we arranged with the emergency services, to have watch cells at a certain time of the day or during the day ” . Other solutions are being studied, "we are doing everything to try to respond to all the problems that we may encounter in this use case. We are investing for the long term and for the future of Saint-Martin. It is important ". _RM

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