Chanté Nwèl: A completely free concert


The association of tenants of the La Sucrerie residence, of Semsamar, organized their Chanté Nwèl with the group Chatt 'Matou, a musical group which was created by the musician Priesleerie.

Created four years ago, the group Chatt 'Matou is composed of a synth, a bass, a drums and a guitar, two drums and six singers. As every year, many people came from different districts of Saint-Martin to participate. A concert which is a real success, since more than 300 people came to listen to Chanté Nwèl. Icing on the cake, soup, Christmas ham and drinks were offered free of charge to all visitors.

Semsamar gave a grant to the association to organize this evening which took place in full on Saturday, December 7. A Chanté Nwèl which was a great success and which will be renewed soon in another place. _RM


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