“Rendez-vous de Sxm Harmony”: great interactivity with the public


According to the Sxm Harmony association, nearly 50 participants attended the conference on the theme of self-esteem, last Friday, at La Plénitude. 

Led by Caroline Daviet, hypnotherapist, and Cécile Vallé, personal development therapist, this new session was a success. The association hopes soon to "deploy the second axis of its development", the aim of which is "to disseminate the techniques of well-being and personal development to people who have no - or little - access to them (integration, young people , retirement home, hospital, schools, etc.) ”. To make this project a reality, the organization is appealing to institutions and associations wishing to work on specific actions for these audiences. Those interested are requested to send an email to the following address: sxm.harmony@gmail.com.

Mark your calendars: the next “Rendez-vous de Sxm Harmony” is scheduled for March 11 on the theme: “What does our body have to teach us about ourselves?”.

Credit: Sxm Harmony


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