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For one evening, François Bry entertained, trained and instructed the public gathered at the Théâtre de la Chapelle with his show entitled “How to Become a Rockstar in Under 90 Minutes”. 

A great music lover and fantastic guitarist, this former music teacher presented this new comedy he wrote himself to an assembly eager to know how to achieve rock star status. The accelerated training began with an introduction to rock, a musical style dear to the artist and which is full of classics which the spectators were delighted to hear again. The scenography was refined, keeping only the essentials, namely guitars, amps, microphones and two screens to project photos of emblematic rock figures. The play of lights orchestrated by Erwan Trotel greatly contributed to making this evening a real theater-concert show. François Bry is passionate and passes it on naturally. The text is lively, sprinkled with puns of which he alone has the secret, information and enriching anecdotes, all interpreted with great nonchalance and a real pleasure of interpretation. The humorous 90-minute course interspersed with musical interludes played live on the guitar gives a rhythm that defies the notion of time, François Bry goes through the advice and reviews the basic kit to become a rockstar: the look, the attitude, the instrument, the chords, the lyrics, the originality. 

Great moment when François paid tribute to Jimi Hendrix by reproducing the signature of this rock'n'roll legend, namely playing with his teeth. The costumes are not left out and are cleverly concocted by Nuria Sala. The professor did not hesitate to push the derision by transforming himself into a character from ZZ Top, provoking laughter in the audience hanging on his guitar. Audience who did not fail to participate actively in the show when François Bry invited a couple to join him on stage for a choreography by Christine Artus proving that whatever happens, music brings people together. The enthusiastic applause at the end of the show gave way to an encore that confirms the raw talent of François Bry. _VX


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