INTERVIEW: Louis de Caunes, a Saint-Martin Chef in Stockholm


Chef of the restaurant and delicatessen "Le Bon Plat" managed by a Franco-Swedish couple, Louis de Caunes has been an adopted Stockholmer for 4 years. An asset for the Tourist Office, which was able to count on its culinary talents to prepare journey cakes, ribs and other local dishes during the first stage of the Scandinavian roadshow. But who is this ambitious young man with an exemplary career?

“In Sweden, everyone speaks English, which makes integration easier,” he explains. Louis de Caunes also found in this country a lot of benevolence towards young people who wish to undertake, and above all, his sweetheart.

The son of a pediatrician, Louis has created his own path in the kitchen since he was a child. He left Saint-Martin for France at the age of 15 and went to a cooking school after high school. At the age of 23, he joined a restaurant in Toulouse after a year and a half of apprenticeship, then became chef at Elior for the bistro of the Aeronautical Museum of Toulouse. Although he feels perfectly integrated in Sweden, Louis still has a dream: to return to his native island to develop training in the use of local produce in the kitchen and in the art of catering. An ambassador of choice in the Scandinavian countries!

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