Reconstruction: A simple prior declaration necessary, special cases by the sea


Deliberation number five adopted Thursday by the territorial council includes two main points important for the reconstruction work. In order to "facilitate" the reconstruction, President Daniel Gibbs wanted to "shake up the standards" and thus made modifications to the planning code.

• Abolition of building permits under certain conditions

The first modification exempts people wishing to carry out identical reconstruction work on building permits. They must only file a prior declaration with the town planning services. They have until October 1, 2018 to do so.

• Special case of high risk areas

The simplified procedure above is valid for the whole of the French part except for the zones subjected to strong cyclonic swell. In this specific case, the Collectivity gives itself the right to stay proceedings. That is to say that if a person whose house is erected by the sea, files a prior declaration, the COM will not respond immediately. Whether negative or positive. And even if the house was legally built several decades ago.

To respond, the COM is waiting for the new hazard map and to discuss with the State the new construction standards. “You can't pretend nothing has happened. The major effects of submersion and flooding must be seriously taken into account in the reconstruction, in particular taking into account the risks run by certain inhabitants ”, commented the president in plenary session, whose responsibility is engaged.

• Abolition of the town planning tax

Work relating solely to the identical reconstruction of buildings destroyed or seriously damaged by Irma, is exempt from the town planning tax as defined in the town planning code of Saint-Martin.

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