Milkaya Laijah, the fashionable Saint-Martin designer


Milkaya Laïjah has fulfilled her little girl's dream: to become a renowned stylist and to live from her passion. Supported by the Tourist Office, it will launch exclusively tomorrow its new collection "The Bossy Collection" in Saint-Martin. 

Breaking into the world of fashion - a sector known to be ruthless and closed - is not for everyone. Fashionista Milkaya Laïjah, who now lives in Paris, has stood out and imposed her style. The designer, now in demand, returns to her island to present "The Bossy Collection", unveiled this Friday at the Arizona boutique, located at the Mont-Vernon shopping center. “A collection aimed at active and business women,” she explains.

His journey in a few dates

A dozen years ago, to put the odds on her side, Milkaya moved to Paris and joined the ESMOD fashion school. Her diploma in hand, she began working on her own line in 2007, and landed a job as a stylist in a makeover agency in Paris. Three years later, the designer presented her first “Ethni-Rock” collection at Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica. A year later, she released her second collection “The Badass Collection”. His talent was spotted by the site for young designers "" Milkaya then created three mini-collections for them. In 2013, she represented Saint-Martin at the “Women with a Purpose Global Summit” conference organized on the island.

"The Bossy Collection" will be on sale at 16 p.m. at the Arizona store, next to the Leader Price (10% reduction on clothing only Friday). His creations are available via his website and on


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