Reconstruction: No more horizontal surfaces allowed on roofs


Following Irma's visit, the community decided to make changes in the construction of the roofs. 

Thus in urban areas known as U zones, it is now authorized to have roofs with larger horizontal or slightly sloping parts. Their surface must not exceed 50% of the total surface of the covers in horizontal protection. This new rule is included in the land use plan (POS) and was validated by elected officials meeting in territorial council on April 26. Before, the surface of flat roofs could not exceed 30%. This new rule applies to buildings located in the UA (Marigot center), UB (Marigot, immediate surroundings, Grand Case and Orléans), UC (Orléans, Marigot and Sandy Ground), UG (Cul de Sac, Marigot, etc.) zones. Orleans district and Grand Case), UP (port areas, Marigot and Galisbay marina) and UT (tourist area). It is noted that in certain zones, the roofs of community facilities and public services can be horizontal over their entire surface.


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