PPRN: The collective "unitary mobilization" denounces the silence of the State


Friday was to take place the third and last public meeting as part of the development of the natural risk prevention plan (PPRN). It was canceled due to the reserve period preceding the European elections. For the moment no new date has been communicated.

In mid-April, the second meeting was also canceled due to lack of space to accommodate the entire public and had to be postponed. Also the collective "unit mobilization" he wrote immediately to the prefect asking him to specify the new schedule.

"To date we have still not received any response," says one member of the collective, who considers the state's silence as "a lack of respect". "The population had come en masse to the second meeting on April 23 and since then we have no information," he argues. And to promise actions if there is no communication. (source: www.soualigapost.com)


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