More than 3M € planned to renovate and redevelop the Plantation Mont Vernon


In 2011, the Plantation Mont Vernon, which was then privately owned, had been restored; the work was carried out by the Archaeological Association Hope Estate. Two years later, the COM had bought it. Then the site was destroyed by the passage of hurricane Irma. Considering that the Plantation "is part of the history of Saint-Martin", the COM wishes to safeguard this heritage and renovate it.

The work should take place in three phases for a total amount of approximately 3,04 million euros. The first phase will consist of "reclaiming, securing and preserving the site" and the development of 4 square meters of the park, at an estimated cost of 000 euros. The second phase will see the reconstruction and development of the housing in order to offer a cultural and tourist welcome at a cost of 405 euros. The final phase will require an investment of 000 million euros for the construction of an open stage, the installation of signage, replanting and development of the rest of the site. The goal of the COM is to open the site in mid 832.

The reconstruction of the old mansion and the old cistern was one of the sites selected by the Bern Mission as part of the Heritage Lottery. The Heritage Foundation will thus participate in the financing of the project to the tune of 353 euros in phase 000 and 1 euros in phase 150. 

Finally, the COM has just launched a call for tenders for project management assistance for this site.


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