SKILLS INVESTMENT PLAN: Funds to support project leaders 


Initiated by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin as part of the Skills Investment Plan (PIC), the system allowing the development of new forms of support for entrepreneurship in the territory, has been renewed until June 30 2022. 

Thus, the Collectivity, within the framework of the skills investment plan (PIC), accompanies the public from priority neighborhoods (Sandy-Ground and Quartier d'Orléans), in their business creation project, through the covering the cost of training necessary for the finalization of the project. 

  The main objectives:

• Remove the obstacles to business creation

• Promote economic dynamism and entrepreneurship in priority neighborhoods 

• Strengthen professional integration through business creation.

  Eligible audience:

Any project leader from Sandy-Ground or Quartier d'Orléans, job seeker registered with the Pôle Emploi, any person in a precarious situation (particularly women), whose project is deemed viable but requires follow-up training the cost of which cannot be covered by another structure. The Collectivity therefore intervenes as a very last resort in order to finance the training of the project leader and to enable him to complete his project. 

This device is maintained until June 30, 2022, hurry!

For any contact: Fabiola RIOUAL – PIC Project Manager – Delegation for Human Development – ​​Collectivity of Saint-Martin: 0690 18 11 03

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