Parcoursup 2022: it's already time to make your wishes!


Since January 20, future graduates have been invited to express their post-baccalaureate orientation wishes on Parcoursup. A longer period, until March 29, is granted to them this year, to take account of the baccalaureate specialty tests.

Last Thursday, January 20 marked the start of the race for post-baccalaureate wishes for Parcoursup, which brings together some 640 high school students and 000 students in reorientation each year. Some candidates have been in the starting blocks since the opening of the site at the end of December 200, which allows them to discover nearly 000 higher education courses recruiting through this national portal. A choice of paths as rich as it is eclectic, which can disconcert high school students without a precise idea of ​​orientation.

What's new in 2022?

The main novelty should be the inclusion in the Parcoursup file of the final tests of the two specialty courses followed in the final year, organized from March 14 to 16. But to date, discussions were underway to shift them in time, or even transform these tests into continuous monitoring, due to the multiplication of absences linked to the Omicron variant. To avoid adding stress to high school students in full preparation for these tests, the deadline for closing their vows – usually in mid-March – has been postponed to March 29.

In addition, the offer has expanded, with new training, particularly through apprenticeship. In total, more than 6 apprenticeship training courses are referenced on the portal. As for long courses, we can highlight the arrival of new schools of art and design, such as the Beaux-Arts de Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, the Villa Arson in Nice, or the Ensci-Les Ateliers in Paris. ; and some private training such as that of Rubika in Valenciennes preparing for the production of animated films, or the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from the French Institute of Fashion, in Paris. As for the preparatory courses for school teachers (PPPE) launched at the start of the 000 school year – a hybrid license course combining courses at university and in high schools – they will increase from 2021 to 25 this year, distributed in the thirty academies.

How to formulate your wishes?

Registration is done on the Parcoursup website, from January 20 to March 29 inclusive. It will no longer be possible to add wishes after March 29, but there will still be time to complete your applications with the requested documents (motivated training project, CV, portfolio, payment of application fees, etc.) and to confirm your wishes. until April 7.

How to choose courses?

The Parcoursup search engine lists all the training courses. You can search using keywords, geolocation or type of training. For each, a wealth of information is available: the percentages of candidates admitted the previous year, suggestions for similar training courses and the link to the detailed presentation sheet (expectations, cost, openings, etc.). To reinforce your choices, it is advisable to go to the open days of the establishments or to the orientation fairs. In addition, more than 5 student “ambassadors”, whose contact details appear on the Parcoursup course sheet, answer candidates' questions.

• How are the files selected?

The files are classified according to predetermined selection criteria: coefficients assigned to certain subjects, 1st and final grade reports, teachers' assessments, motivated training project, Future sheet, etc. Insufficiently detailed evaluation grids on Parcoursup, according to the opinion study carried out by the Ministry of Higher Education  at the end of the 2021 session. An additional effort of transparency has therefore been requested from the training courses on these criteria for examining applications. Many selective training courses also organize competitions or interviews.

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