Overseas: In the private sector, salaried staff recorded an increase of 14 jobs over one year


The overall increase in overseas employment continued in the third quarter of 2019, with similar developments in the various territories, according to the "third overseas employment counter".

In the private sector, the salaried workforce recorded an increase of 14 jobs over one year, an increase of 890%. This is mainly observed in companies with fewer than 4,5 employees, the development in larger companies remaining slightly negative. A new development is the slight contraction in the number of temporary workers, illustrating the more frequent use of stable jobs. In the public sector, employment also increased by 11%, or more than 1,1 additional jobs. Finally, the dynamism of business creations continues.

Frank Jobs: a promising start

The experimentation with franc jobs was extended to Overseas France in March 2019. The system aims to respond to the inequalities in access to employment to which residents of priority neighborhoods of city policy (QPV) can be faced, or 25% of the ultra-marine population. It provides, for any company or association, financial assistance as soon as it hires a CDI or CDD of at least 6 months, a job seeker residing in a QPV. The ramp-up of the system is progressive in Martinique and Guadeloupe, with respectively 31 and 54 jobs created since April. It is rapid in Guyana, with 118 jobs created, and in Reunion with 505 jobs created.

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