Sint Maarten: Juliana airport confirms that there are no cases of coronavirus detected


“A video is circulating on social networks showing a passenger in a wheelchair leaving the departure lounge and getting into an ambulance at Juliana airport. It is implied that the passenger is a carrier of the coronavirus. But we confirm that this is not the case and that there is no reason to panic, ”said Michel Hyman, the airport operations manager.

The passenger is a national of the Philippines who arrived from Manila on Friday afternoon in Sint Maarten after having passed through Amsterdam. He was also in transit to Juliana from where he had another flight to Tortola in the Virgin Islands.

“The individual was nauseated and vomited. Airport rescuers were immediately alerted and took charge of the passenger. He was transported to an isolated room where he was examined by a medical team according to the coronavirus procedure, "say the authorities.

All the guidelines recommended by the Department of Health were followed, the passenger was questioned to find out if he had been in contact with people with the coronavirus or been in an area where the virus is circulating.

“The passenger answered no to all the questions. After his examination, Dr. Swanston-Meade confirmed that the passenger's symptoms were not those of the passenger.  coronavirus but with dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance and that he had no fever, that he did not cough and had no other respiratory symptoms ”, complete the authorities.

After taking medication, the passenger felt better and was authorized by the doctor to travel to Tortola.


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