PINK OCTOBER: The Johnny Cakes in the fight against breast cancer


The Nature Valley Colombier association, active in the region since 2004 and an expert in the preparation of Saint-Martin dishes, fights for the pink cause with a Journey / Johnny Cake workshop dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

The culinary workshop will take place this Saturday, October 15 at 10 a.m. in Colombiers, by registration only (see info) with a limited number of places. Pink October obliges, participants will have the opportunity to learn about breast cancer and the need for women to be screened regularly from the age of 40. Dr. Jeffry will be on hand to answer questions from those interested about the disease. The Johnny Cakes prepared for the occasion will be sold on site and gourmets will be able to taste them with a fresh fruit juice. 

For the little story…

Originally, Shawnee Indians used to cook a corn cake on a hot stone that they took with them on their daily expeditions. The European settlers realized that this pancake could be kept for several days and then added wheat flour to it, to make a roll. Called "Jonikin" by the Indians, this dish then became the Journey cake, in reference to the long expeditions during which this biscuit found all its usefulness with simple and easy-to-find ingredients and quick cooking. The Journey Cake didn't dry out or sink to the bottom of travelers' bags. The settlers spread it throughout the West Indies and after various linguistic and cultural distortions, it also became known as Johnny cake. Fried or baked, the Johnny Cake has become a must in the culinary world of Saint-Martin whose association Nature Valley Colombier transmits the traditional confection thanks to its workshops. _VX

Info and registration: 06 90 58 26 50

Facebook: Association Nature Valley Colombier

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