Nautism: The professionals of the sea received in Prefecture


More than two years after the passage of the "Irma" monster, sea professionals were received in the Prefecture on November 20 to discuss the future of the nautical sector in Saint-Martin, an essential economic player for our territory !

The Royal Marina

The first subject discussed concerns the Royal Marina. At the Saint-James car park, the wall was demolished in order to open up the site. The community will submit an ERDF file to develop the car park as a landing point for fishing and fish processing. For the rest, surveillance cameras and lighting must be installed, but this must be done by the Community.

Sandy-Ground Bridge

Currently, the Sandy-Ground bridge is undergoing a complete repair of the deck. Mr. Carteron estimates that there will be a month delay in the works, so that the bridge will be operational in February. As for the question of its enlargement, the Prefect emphasizes that the work would be extremely heavy, despite the economic interest of a project like this, and the project should be carried by the Collectivity.

Wrecks in the lagoon

126 wrecks are still in the lagoon waters and the waters of the marina are littered with waste. The wreckage removal and treatment tender was won by a Dutch company. The Directorate of the Sea specifies that they were present at all the technical meetings concerning the wrecks but that they were unable to meet the chosen service provider. According to the calendar provided by the community, the removal of the wrecks should start in May 2020.

Lagoon users report that the lack of depth of the channel as well as the non-existent markup of certain wrecks are very dangerous for navigation. However, the waters of the lagoon are under the responsibility of the port establishment, which can call, if necessary, the State Lighthouses and Beacons service to secure navigation in the lagoon.

The navigation ban put in place in October 2017 was partially lifted in February 2018, but the situation must be clarified between the nautical brigade and the Community.

Other important points were addressed during this constructive meeting between the professionals of the sea and the representative of the State (continuation and end in our edition of Tuesday). _AF

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