Occupational medicine: A compulsory membership for the health of employees


As part of the partnership agreement signed with the Bar Association of Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the CCI of Saint-Martin organized a conference-debate on occupational health last Friday.

The objective of this meeting is to recall the role, missions and functions of CIST 971 (Interprofessional Center for Occupational Health), as well as the regulations applicable since 2017. The dysfunctions identified by the occupational health services in Saint-Martin , were also discussed. "There are companies which do not join, as everywhere, in Guadeloupe, in metropolitan France and surely in Saint-Martin", according to René Leray, director of CIST 971. Membership is compulsory, "but we are declarative. »Specifies René Leray,« there are many companies which do not know that their personnel must be declared to occupational medicine ».

The accounting firms are moreover informed, “we work a lot with some of them (…) They make companies adhere to occupational medicine and pay the contributions. On this side, it is rather an advantage. ” Because membership is compulsory and it makes it possible to follow employees who have problems, pregnant women, or even give skills according to the profession practiced.

The entire conference was broadcast on CCIS social networks, where it can be viewed. The debates took place almost behind closed doors, because the public shone by its absence. Once again…

The conference took place in the presence of the Bar Association of Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the doctor of the West Indies-Guyana labor inspectorate, the FTPE (Federation of Very Small Enterprises) and the CIST. _RM

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