Métimer: 2024 calendar of actions related to boating


Gathered at the Marigot Yacht Club last Monday, several members of Métimer presented the 2024 events of the association dedicated to boating and the concerns of players in the sector.

For Béatrice Wojcik, president of Métimer who will hand over her position this year after three years of good and loyal service to boating, and Alexina Paya, coordinator of the association, the press conference was intended to be in two parts: the presentation of Métimer events for 2024 and the recurring problems that those involved in the nautical sector continue to face despite appeals to elected officials. But first of all, let's get on the Métimer calendar for this new year, which promises to be a beautiful and busy one with the Whale Festival on February 25. The shallow waters of Saint-Martin make it a destination of choice for the magnificent humpback whales who stay there from January to May so that their calves can gain enough strength before the big journey to colder seas. The princesses of the seas have already arrived in our waters and the whale festival is also an opportunity to welcome them while raising public awareness of the good manners to adopt when observing the majestic marine mammals (Whale Watchers approved in Saint-Martin : Captain Jo, Windadventures, Scoobidoo, Blue Pelican charters). This year, however, due to a lack of subsidy from AGOA, the local association had to operate on its own funds and reduce the range of activities, no whale village at the soundtrack but the screening of a film on the humpback whales and the presence of scientific experts to answer questions at the Théâtre de la Chapelle this Sunday, February 25 from 17:30 p.m. to 19 p.m. Entrance to this event organized in collaboration with the Nature Reserve and 'Mon École Ma Baleine' is free for all. The children don't forget to bring back their most beautiful whale drawing for the chance to win a trip to the sea. Others will also be planned by Métimer as part of the 2023 grant from the City Policy that the association has shifted somewhat to match the timing of the arrival of the whales. In April, when the sea is calm, around ten sea trips to observe whales will be organized by Métimer for the benefit of middle school students from priority neighborhoods interested in the boating sector. Other important dates, from February 29 to March 3, the 44th edition of the Heineken Regatta which this year will include a team of young people from the Robert Weinum high school embarked on the small sailboat First 21,7 from Métimer thanks to the partnership of the Tourist Office and training given by the Saint Martin Voile pour Tous association in Friar's Bay. Around ten high school students grouped into two crews, one female and one male, will alternate over the four days of racing in order to show their talent during this event of international scope. Continued in our next edition. _VX


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