Media: Watch out for hoaxes 


Very regularly it is announced that such or such site or application will become chargeable and you are asked to send the message received to 10 or more people.

In general, when you are asked to resend a message to several of your contacts, it is a hoax.

First of all, type the keywords of the message received on a search engine like Google. Example type “whatsapp will become chargeable”. You will see that this is a joke that will waste time on you and your friends too if you send the message back to them. “Fake news”, false information relayed in the same way can also lead to tragedies, as in India, where an unfounded rumor launched on WhatsApp concerning a child abduction ring caused the lynching of seven innocent men.

For a clean and unpolluted internet, check each information received before reposting it. _AH

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