March 2017: Aline Hanson has still not declared herself a candidate


At the Territorial Council's greeting ceremony which took place on Friday morning, President Aline Hanson did not speak on the local elections which will take place in two months.

"These wishes are special because they are the last of this term," said Aline Hanson, in the preamble of her speech. So we expected a certain audacity - political - from him. But she did not fail in the rule of this kind of demonstration and confined herself to taking stock of her action.

She made no announcement of a candidacy for her own estate. March 2017, she did not address it until the end of her speech. "The election deadline is approaching," she said. But not another word. She preferred to show that she remained focused on the mission.

"Before finishing, I would like to announce that we remain mobilized until the last minute in the service of the territory," said Aline Hanson. (More details on

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