Tourist Office: Operation seduction to boost attendance by Canadians 


On December 13, the Tourist Office went to Toronto for a launching event, the first of its kind in the capital of Ontario, designed to attract more and more Canadians to our territory. 

Director Kate Richardson and Canada / Boating / Cruises promotion manager Emile Louisy traveled to Canada's largest city for a promotional day organized on the initiative of the Tourist Office and in partnership with Atout France, the tourist development agency of France. Two highlights marked this trip intended to present in detail our destination within the grounds of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Fifteen Canadian journalists specializing in travel were invited to a press lunch, including some major media. Ms. Richardson also spoke with the correspondents of the essential Toronto Star during a specific meeting. In the evening, the Tourist Office then welcomed 60 tour operators and travel agents.

A clientele for luxury

The interesting thing about Canadians is that they know Saint Martin well. Besides, they usually come back after a first stay. Initially, this clientele opted for “all inclusive” or cruising. "These are appealing products because when they return, it is to choose another type of more selective accommodation, they are more and more interested in the luxury product" remarks Emile Louisy. Either large and beautiful villas or what North Americans call "boutique hotels". With a high GDP, Canada is indeed a market with high purchasing power for our tourist destination. Especially since Saint-Martin has all the potential to meet the expectations of its nationals, in search of sun during the winter period, and diversified tourist activities.

In 2015, Saint Martin was able to count on some 45.000 Canadians who disembarked at Juliana airport. The Tourist Office travels several times a year to their country, in particular to represent our territory at trade fairs, because all the lights are green to double this attendance.

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