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An error has crept into our article on the comparison of the cost of registering a car in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten. The cost for the gray card in the French part of a car over ten years old is 18 € and not 8.

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  1. Kiki January 18, 2017 at 19:53 pm Reply

    but frankly you even did the math so it's not really an error! Even if it means comparing it, the Dutch part might as well do it at realistic prices and far from being at the same price as the French part and 6 horsepower cars are rare given the number of 4 × 4 in st martin !!! They want to make me pay 630 € to change my registration card and when I ask the good pkoi woman she answers: because of all those who do not want to pay their road taxes !!! well done

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