Manteau de Saint-Martin: a big thank you to all the benefactors! 


The Association carried out last week its last distribution of the year. An opportunity for management to thank all the donors!

“Clothing, food, toys, dishes… .. more than 130 food parcels were generously donated by the association.

This would never have happened without the help of all our partners, all our volunteers, employees, individuals….

To thank you all, we have created a Christmas tree with the name of our generous donors on each ball.

We do not always see very well the inscription but you were so numerous that it was difficult for me to hold all the balls towards the objective.

I wanted one last time to thank all the associations in the territory, Guadeloupe and Metropolitan France who mobilized for us: ECAM, FÉMINITÉ WITHOUT shelter, Lyanaj Rose, the humanitarian association of Marseille, Archiball rugby, Amande Tatouage, the Elmer school

The popular relief, the Red Cross of St-Barth, the Red Cross of St-Martin

A big thank you also to the social mediators who helped us a lot in the various distributions.

Thank you to the Prefecture, to the community, to the DJSCS, the food bank of Guadeloupe, thank you to the city of Abymes, to the hairdresser of the Head Quarter salon, to Super U, to Samarpaint

Rotary service club, Lions club.

A big thank you to all the volunteers, I think of AGNÈS, ANGELE, MEHDI, PAOLA.LUDWIG and

to all individuals.

Thank you to all my acolytes who helped me in the aftermath of the cyclone, I think of Abdel, Anthony, Eddy, Rudy, Jacques, Ludwig Denis Ivan.

The road was long and winding. You helped us stay the course.

Thanks everyone! Sorry if I forgot a person but too many of you have brought us affection.

Many thanks to my team!

Thanks - muchas gracias - Thanks a lot!

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