Louis Mussington refutes “slanderous words” of the deputy


Louis Mussington - a candidate for the upcoming territorial elections - has exercised his right of reply following “false statements” by Daniel Gibbs which appeared in a local newspaper last month. Faced with the deputy's “fallacious arguments”, the former territorial advisor decided to provide some clarification. Mr. Gibbs had notably declared that “Louis Mussington (…) was distinguished by his total absence from work when he was chairman of the committee on bilingualism under the previous term of office”. In his version of events, Mr. Mussington specifies that he accepted this assignment “with enthusiasm and gratitude”. “After a few months of reflection and analysis”, he gave President Frantz Gumbs “a document that he included on the agenda for the meeting of the territorial council on Oct. 27, 2011”. _EH

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